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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


only 9 km separates us but it seems as though you're a world apart from me.. never have i imagined that this would be my biggest challenge in life..
n i pray to God constantly to guide me and give me signs so as not to go astray..
yes, in every aspects of life there are choices to be made..
this is a choice that i can never make..
for choosing either one would be my fall..

i don't know whether there will come day that i have to finally make that call..
whatever i may choose, i hope it would not be the end of me..

and for now i must finally admit it..
admit that i cannot be in denial that things are all rosy n sweet..
that there are things i can probably never have my way..
but i can pray, pray, and pray..
that He will guide me and give me strength to go thru whatever that comes with this choice that i maybe one day have to make...

Sasha Lyna 61212

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bila dia :-)

Suka dengar lagu ni :-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Destiny or Fate or just plain Jodoh :-)

Was going thru old pics on my FB n I came across pics of hubs way back in 2008... U see we were introduced by a mutual friend way back in 2002/2003 n were only acquainted.

As years passed we've shared some get together outings with other mutual friend.. I don't think it ever crossed any of our minds that one day I will have him now lying next to me, asleep (it's 2.30 am now)  the man I now call, my husband. And at this moment also, his lil miracle kicking softly in my tummy :-)

In 2008, we had one of our outings n he had his back then 'friend' with him...we all took pics but for reasons I never will b able to explain.. None of the pics we took had this 'friend' in it.. Now, looking back I'm thankful that it happened that way n know that Allah is oft-knowing...that one day I would browse thru n saw this pic without the 'friend's face..Alhamdulillah :-)

I am thankful that Allah has ordained that our path has cross each other n for you to be my husband n my children's father, InsyaAllah.

What i can safely say is that never think that you will never find your 'the one' coz sometimes he's right in front of you but both of you may not know it yet *wink*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Before the BABY comes 1.0

Dear my baby,

you're 21+ weeks now..let's see..that means its gonna take u another 18+ weeks before you're gonna b in my arms *tear* n *shaking a bit*

at this point..u're still shy n hv not shown mama/mommy & Aboh (we'll start a plan wen u're here to call HIM something else k *wink*) whether u're a girl or a boy but thats not an issue at all k baby..we'll smother u with sloppy kisses n hugsies n love anyways :D

Alhamdulillah u've been such a good & strong baby.. thus far u don't bug me to go n vomit every 5 mins or so whenever i smell or look at anything smelly or disgusting.. u're still growing so beautifully n healthy tho sumtimes i have to carry heavy things ie files/bundles..sorry for that..

u've also not asked for anything peculiar..just that sometimes u don't wna eat..thats soo unlike ur mommy..maybe u got that from "Aboh" hehe..

i have a feeling that ure gna be sooo smart coz whenever i have to do submissions or drafting work..i know ure helping me out n make it easy for me :) just hope u wont get my math genes cz thats not soo good news ;)

when you come out baby, there's gna be sooo many people waiting for u.. there's grandma n grandpa, tok mimi n tok musa, tok abah n nani, aunty anna n uncle mohamed, uncle boy n aunty zana, aunty ina n uncle yang, paman farid/pak ngah n aunty ya/mak ngah, bik neda, mamu bai/pak teh or is it pak lang, mamu bil/pak su, kakak myra, abg mika, abg mamud, abg bambam, kakak gegurl, abg iman n kakak adeena (who is about 7 months older je frm u)... n baby thats just ure immediate family k..good luck..tee hee..

i really hope n i pray everyday that u'll grow n be healthy n it will be a smooth pregnancy n delivery, insyaAllah. it's just that my belly doesn't show much n that makes mummy anxious n paranoid sometimes..ppl also always say that i don't look pregnant n that sorta hurts sometimes..

but everytime i see u when i have my monthly, u make me soooo proud! from a teeny beeny popsicle, u're growing with hands n feet *tear*

i thank Allah everyday for my little miracle.

hoping for more movements from u baby n pls don't have too much wind..mommy will try to eat on time k..when there's makes mommy's tummy so streched..

i love u my baby *dosslynn* (aboh wont allow me to call u thats secret no.2 k) n thank u for making us sooo happy.


this is what u look like at the moment :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

I don't do cooking..haha

well, inasmuch as mase before kawin I've said everything negative about having to cook after marriage.. exhibit A : I shall marry a man who can cook, Ex. B: I shall marry a rich man so I can have maids for everything, Ex. C: i shall only cook maggi mee.. Ex. D: i shall not cook.. Ex: D: i shall eat at my mom's hse ALL THE TIME..

PAP, ALLAH kurniakan suami yang suka sangat isteri masak and say things like, "i nak makan masakan air tangan isteri"...waduh2!! Allah Maha Mengetahui..

seriously people, i am the epitome of spoilt!! i'm a spoil brat and my dad does the cooking and the cleaning...although now we have a maid who does the cleaning...i'd leave for work and when i'm back, my room has been tidied up by my dad....hihih.. (sidenote: he even irons my school clothes when i was in High School!! Oh my Lord, sasha lyna!!!) the first time EVER i've had to wash a fish..fishes, squids and prawns was when we went for a trip back at hubby's grandparents' hse.. (before we got married).. and the day i actually cooked a whole meal was after i was married..

and you know of the best things that you can hear is when your husband says, " I love your cooking" or " that was really awesome" :D

so mateys..... be careful what u wish for coz sometimes you'll get the opposite but as i said Allah knows best... i  super LOVE cooking for hubby :)

Sasha Lyna

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some of the things i LOVE about Dossha 17212

Some of the things i love about my wedding was my card :)

I'm sooo blessed with amazing friends, amazing and resourceful :D I asked a school friend to design my wedding card, she's a designer, we both love PURPLE and not too traditional and she was soo happy to lend a hand :)

My wedding was reaaally on a tight budget so i had to reaally find any possible ways to cut as many budget i can.. and having my friend designed it for me helped a lot :) she gave me some designs to choose from and instantaneously i knew we were on the same page :) here are some of the examples she gave...

I fell in love with the first 2 designs and she incorporated both designs and came out with DosSha's perfect card...any1 saw it knew that it was sooooo ME :) and i'm forever thankful and am really lucky that Doss didn't mind having a fiance' who decides everything..HAHAHA!

DosSha 18212 wedding card :)

 The original was mine and i wanted it in ENGLISH..a lot of people had a lot to say bout it but its my wedding card..y can't i have it the way i want :) Doss side, his mom wanted it in Bahasa, I'm ok with it..just don't ask to change mine :)

I also love the Doa that was on the card,

Doa for the Bride & Groom

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful,
Ya Allah, 
Bless the solemnisation of this couple with Your Baraqah and Blessings (Rahmat)
May the newly wedded couple be filled with love, utmost respect and tolerance towards each other
May they be blessed with sons and daughters who are Soleh & Solehah
May their path towards marriage is one which is happy & fulfilled
And may You guide them Ya Allah, in their hearts and actions towards the best of Faith and in Religion.

Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alameen

And for favours/door gifts, i wanted it to be quite personal and sasha-ish... Doss loves to download stuff from the internet and when we started dating, he knew i liked to buy mixed CD's so instead of having to pay for the cd's. every now and then, he'd give mixed cd's of the latest songs at that time..or sometimes, just songs that he wants to give me :) And so, i decided to give mixed cd's with love songs, sort of DosSha's love songs and again my friend helped with the design for the CD..

I loved how simple the last one that was our door gift..and also a few other things compliments of DosSha and my bro in law :)

another deco was my table mat :)


AND table number's which sadly..i didn't get to use them :( sedih sgt coz they were awesome!!

And another deserved shoutout is to my friends who made my wish of having a candy bar table happened... *tear* :)

Well, those are some of the things i'll forever cherish and what made DosSha weds PERFECTo! :)

(Mrs.) Sasha Lyna

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 months & 23 days :)

Alhamdulillah things are going great :) I am blissfully happy and i'm thankful to Him for everything, syukur Alhamdulillah.

17.2.2012, with one lafaz, Mohd Firdaus b. Zainol Abidin is Sasha Lyna's husband.

I was a nervous wreck, my make up poses for the video and pics were horrendous. my photog had to literally make clown faces to force me to videog was astonished as to how i could be so frowny..hahaha..i was a nervous wreck and I didn't have my best people with me :( But, they came, they cheered, the calmed me down n finally photog n videog managed to get some decent photos/shot ;p

of course the bride was fashionably late and the groom and family was famously early...Alhamdulillah BOTH sets of parents of the groom was there, THAT was an achievement! and i secretly whispered a silent prayer to the Almighty for making Doss' dream come true.. Thank you Allah..

He looked sooo handsome in his white baju melayu and purplish (of course!) sampin :) and i was soo jealous of how calm he was. he was laughing and couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear..n i was choked up, curled smile, puffy eyes and was tearing up.. i passed nervousness...i was scared! (y is he sooo calm?!)

and within seconds after his lafaz, i was his wife. And I suddenly felt a huge burden taken off my chest and when i saw his face as he was walking to me after his solat sunnat... i was beaming :) I was at that time, still am and forever will be (InsyaAllah) his. :)

There was soo much love around, mummy+daddy, my family, Mimi+Farid+Abah+Ibu+Bai+Nabil, his family, my lovely friends :)

I didnt really liked the idea of wearing white but I'm glad i did, (x salah nk amik hati mak mentua :) ), one of the things i wanted was a candy bar..n i got it and it was awesome :)

it was small, it was light, it was all i wanted and it was filled with love and the people i love.

DosSha 17212